Welcome to the NHS Alumni Association website!

NHS Alumni Association Board Members:

  • Lisa Nagel (1994) - President 
  • Virgil Bohls (1983) - Past President 
  • Jake Freppel (1991) - Treasurer 
  • Char Weber (1975) - Secretary
  • Tim Downey (1972)
  • Larry Vocke (1973)
  • Cara Finn (2006)
  • Tim Funchion (1975)
  • Jeff Stover (1980)
  • Brian Wade (1997)
  • Lori Drewes (1980)
  • Lori Nye (1988)
  • Lisa Thompson (1997)
NHSAA Mission Statement - To plan, promote and support educational activities for alumni of Napoleon High School; to plan, promote and support educational activities of Napoleon High School for its students; to create, promote and support educational scholarships for Napoleon High School students and alumni; to plan, promote and support community service projects benefiting the area serviced by the Napoleon High School; and to raise funds to support the activities of the corporation.

*****Notice - Applications for the Alumni Association Scholarships are available in the Awards Section of this website (Deadline March 1)*****


NHS Alumni Association Post-Game Get Together (held Aug. 24, 2018)  The Alumni Assoc. joins the Napoeleon Athletic Hall-of-Fame in recognizing the new inductees.




2018 Teacher Wish List Recipients- each year the NHSAA gives out $3000 to classroom teachers for instructional aids & materials)

(From left to right - Kaitlyn Helberg, Lindsay Murray, Lindsey Wachtmann, Kristen Hartford, Yolanda Monnin, Larry Vocke - NHSSA Board member, Tiffany Biederstedt, Kelly Haseman, Megan Sherman, Susan Badenhop, Julie Yunker, Cyndy Tilley, Jessica Hanefeld, Bev Junge, and Char Weber- NHSAA Board member and Sect.  Absent: Jessica Ramirez, Rebecca Walston, Mackenzie Plassman, and Lori Nye- NHSAA Board member


2018 NHS Alumni Scholarship winners

(Gina Eberle, Karinne Moore, Julia Rausch, Virgil Bohls- President of the NHL Alumni Association) 



2018 Napoleon High School Distinguished Alumni Inductees

 Jay Hanna ('64), Michael Franz M.D ('63) is represented by Shelly (Musshell) Kennedy, Jacqueline (Westhoven) Gall ('97), and Dr. Amy Heaston ('79)


2017 Teacher Wish List Recipients (each year the NHSAA gives out $3000 to classroom teachers for instructional aids & materials)

Left to right: Linda Martinez, Suzanne Badenhop, Kelly Haseman, Julie Yunker, Deb Jones, Amanda Gillis, Cyndia Tilley, Cathy Tassler, Tracy Weber, Jeff Stover (NHSAA Board member), Kristen Hartford, Marvin Retcher, Yolanda Monnin, Jessica Ramirez, Brock Dishop, Cami Haas,  and Char Weber (NHSAA Secretary)
Missing: Jason Zera, Rebecca Walston, Tiffany Biederstedt, Megan Sherman, Larry Wesche.
2017 $1500 Donation to the Napoleon Elementary School History Wall 
(Left to Right)  Yolanda Monnin, Kristen Hartford, Mike Lawson- Life Touch Rep, Kelly Cooper, Jeff Stover & Char Weber (Napoleon Alumni Association Board Members), Adam Niese, Pam Seem- Life Touch Rep, and Tom Jenny