Deadline is March 1, 2021

Book grants are awarded annually to qualified individuals. Anyone who is an NHS alumni and has been accepted or is currently enrolled in a post secondary institution may apply.

Applications are below- there is one for graduating NHS seniors and one for NHS Alumni 

Directions- hit the correct application link below and print. 

Graduating NHS Seniors

NHS Alumni Application

2021 NHS Alumni Scholarship Winners

Left to Right- NHS Seniors - Spencer Cashman, Will Drewes, Jessica Yunker, Graduate recipient- Katherine Sworden, NHS Alumni President- Brian Wade


2020 NHS Alumni Scholarship Winners 


2019 NHS Alumni Scholarship Winners

(Virgil Bohls- teacher & past President of the NHS Alumni Association, Erin Haase, Regan Ward, & Mitchell Bachman  Missing- graduate winner Max Westhoven)


                                                                                    2018 NHS Alumni Scholarship winners

(Gina Eberle, Karinne Moore, Julia Rausch, Virgil Bohls- President of the NHL Alumni Association) 

Here the  2017 graduating recipients  Andrea Braun, Abby Kuhlman, and Jada Sonnenberg receive their book grants from the NHSAA
Pictured with the recipients is NHSAA President Virgil Bohls


Previous Book Grant Recipients

Lydia Badenhop, Haley Sehlmeyer, Blake Biederstedt, Kendall Andeson, Erika Vocke, Jessica Eggebrecht, Bethany Wolf, Austin Norden, Alex Altman, Tyler Anderson, Sarah Witte, Mike Hesselschwardt, Mathias Ruby, Melissa Smith, Morgan Westhoven, Brooke Weddington, Dan Shank, Sara Weaver, Janelle Fether, Gretchen Wesche, Amelia Hinkleman, Amanda Meyer, Christiana Sindelar, Krista Lange, Nicole Davis, Ryan Lauf, Lindsey Meyer, Jill Klausing, Jessica Moser, Emily Rees, Nick Saul, Jennifer Bostelman, Nicole Fruth, Sara Blease, Dana Meyer, Daniel Dye, Kim Bostelman, Kathryn Borstelman, Mariel DeMichiei, Kathryn Huddle, Christine Bauer, Tristan Blease, Lauren Hoffman, Jennifer George, Shannon Latta, Mary Baughman, Jason Coholich, Greg Saul, Megan Aschemeier, Emily Schiffer, Jaclyn Schroeder, Lisa Herman, Nathan Speiser, Micaiah Kline